” I bought a 16 ounce bottle (to help my diabetes.) Upon arriving home I (shook well) opened the bottle and added 2 teaspoons to 16 ounces of drinking water. I drank about 4 ounces of the mixture and immediately started doing head splitting sneezes, this lasted about 30 seconds and my nose began to run clear liquid, mopping as fast as I could with kleenex. At that point my decision was I must be allergic, things quieted down and I decided to finish the rest of my drink. There were a few more sneezes and drainage but ultimately when I finished my sinuses were cleared and I could breathe easier than I have in months. My breathing is deep and unhampered. What really surprised me is no where do you mention the tremendous help to the sinus/breathing/lungs. This result was totally unexpected.”

M., Yuma AZ


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