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Customer Testimonial

5/16/18 Dear Natalie, Want to thank you from the bottom of my arthritic body! My experience with your juice has been worth the investment. A few times in the last 10 years I stopped the P. P. Nectar for different reasons and my body went into a painful Read More...

Customer Testimonial

” I bought a 16 ounce bottle (to help my diabetes.) Upon arriving home I (shook well) opened the bottle and added 2 teaspoons to 16 ounces of drinking water. I drank about 4 ounces of the mixture and immediately started doing head splitting Read More...

What are Betalains and why do I need them?

  Betalains are the pigment found in foods like beets, and the prickly pear fruit that give them their rich red color. Researchers have discovered 24 different kinds of betalains, and they are only found in a few of the world’s plants. A higher concentration of these substances can Read More...