prickly pear fruit in stacked arizona cactus ranch buckets

Arizona Cactus Ranch differs in the processing of prickly pear from other producers. We take extreme care and caution when cultivating each batch of our prickly pear products.

Due to our pure and organic process, color and taste will vary.

  1. We do not cook or soak the fruit in water.
  2. All of our fruit is wildcrafted (hand picked) from pristine, natural, chemical free land in southern Arizona.
  3. The fruit is washed and then put into a machine that processes the fruit producing 100% pure prickly pear juice and pulp.
  4. We NEVER add sugar or water to our concentrated prickly pear juice and pulp product.



“This is the standard that I run my company by and will continue to do so. It is the cream of the crop and you are worth it. I hope you treat yourself as well as I treat you, meaning PLEASE read your labels.” ~ Natalie Mcgee, owner

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